The concept of hiring a boom gate was first brought about many years ago by one of our long

term clients  flippantly asking “don’t suppose you hire boom gates, do ya?”  That throw away line

gave way to the creation of a very crude prototype that on its debut on site proved to be a

very effective addition to a security check point at a major AFL event in Melbourne.


The concept has since evolved into a compact, self contained, easy to assemble, portable unit

that is now gaining in popularity.  We have had multiple units hired out over the years to many

different industries and events, in all parts of Australia.  Ranging from applications with the

military through to the security industry, construction and mining industries and all the way

through to events such as air shows and scout jamborees.


Boom gate hire has also been used as a short term solution to provide security when

permanent boom gates or steel gates have been damaged or rendered out of action,

Providing peace of mind until they can be repaired or replaced.


We are constantly improving the portable boom gate with new models being designed.

Prototypes currently being tested are specifically designed for the traffic control industry.


Hiring a boom gate can assist with security for air shows, public events, corporate events,

government events, horse racing, motor racing, road works, building sites, mining sites,

security check points, forklift / pedestrian safety, major construction works; anywhere that

requires temporary traffic management.